Dog cries after Watching Mufasa Die in ‘The Lion King’

We all have seen The Lion King and it is Disney’s one of the most acclaimed movie.

But in lion king there is this one particular scene which is a bit difficult to watch. And no matter what age you are, it brings tear to our eyes.

The infamous scene that we are taking about is the scene where Simba see his father, Mufasa dies after being pushed in a stampede. It is a very hard scene to watch, even for adults and it looks like humans aren’t the only one that have cried to that scene.

In a video which has been recently been going viral, a dog can be seen getting emotional and crying to the sight of Mufasa dying.

The video was upload by Josh Myers, from Chattanooga, Tennesse and it shows his 4-month-old pet, Luna getting agitated and whimpering at the sight of Mufasa’s death.

He said, “To see her crying at the TV was the sweetest thing I think I’ve ever seen.”

In this video, Luna seems to understand what’s going on and cannot bear the sight what she is watching.