Damage Due to Flood, Knoxville, East Tennessee

Knoxville, East Tennessee – The National Weather Service has predicted that Knoxville could expect nine consecutive days of rain and up to 3 inches of rainfall. Due to this the residents of Knoxville living in the flood-prone are advised to evacuate immediately.

Knoxville’s emergency respondents are working tirelessly to respond to every emergency call. But the flood has made Knoxville Fire Department’s job even more difficult as the KFD’s engine 11 had to be stranded due being stuck in the flood waters along with multiple other vehicles. KFD was responding to an emergency call of a nearby trapped motorist on Knox road.

Knoxville Police Department has also put out a notice saying, “Multiple roads throughout Knoxville are flooded, some impassable, due to the heavy rain including the 8300 block of Kingston Pike where vehicles became stuck in the high water. Never attempt to cross flooded roads. Exercise extreme caution if you must be out.”

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