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Diabetes is common now a days, every 3 in one person is suffering from its effects or is in danger to grasp one, According to the Recent Research published in the online edition of JCI Insight we have grabbed a source that “Diabetes Causes Muscle Loss.”

How Diabetes mellitus causes Muscle atrophy?

According to JCI, elevated blood sugar levels leads to muscle atrophy and two protein, WWP1 and KLF15, play key roles in this phenomenon. As per the Research it also concludes that there are Various other Health Related issues linked to that. It is also stated in the research that it loss of Bone Muscle mass and Many other side effects to the body.

You can expect a shorter lifetime to all those who don’t have a proper lifestyle and varied Medication Time flaws.

According to Ogawa’s examination group which made the astonishing revelation that an ascent in glucose levels triggers the decrease in bulk, and revealed the essential jobs of two proteins in this wonder.

They found that the main cause of the translation factor is the KLF15 expanded into the skeletal muscle of a diabetic mice.

The mice that need KLF15 explicitly in muscle were impervious to diabetes-incited skeletal bulk decrease. These outcomes demonstrate that diabetes-prompted muscle misfortune is owing to expanded measures of KLF15.

Diabetes mellitus causes Muscle atrophy

What about the Medication?

Currently The proteins KLF15 and WWP which are the main causes of Muscle Loss in the Diabetic Body could also be a counter result to many other problems in the body. At this stage there is no DRUG that is available for the treatment of the Muscle mass causing elements.

Therefore its a wait that we can do and we Don’t have any other option than that. Lets Wait and Wait for Professor Ogawa to find a Solution for the Question he raised up. On this Professor Replied

If we develop a drug that strengthens the function of WWP1 or weakens the function of KLF15, it would lead to a groundbreaking new treatment.