Balochistan: Security risks associated with China–Pakistan Economic Corridor

Balochistan: Several attacks held in the Balochistan Region of Pakistan by the BLA which concerns the security risks associated with CPEC 
The Geopolitical and Strategic Location of Pakistan is one of the most important factors in South Asia. Pakistan is in the middle of many crucial countries like India and China. India is an arch rival for Pakistan from the very beginning. Which is where the relationship between Pakistan and China comes to a play.

Pakistan economic corridor is of utmost importance for Pakistan, China, and the region. Balochistan is crucial to the success of the CPEC, but there is a huge problem for China because of Baloch nationalists are up with arms.
China–Pakistan Economic Corridor
These Baloch nationalists are up with arms because Beijing’s design is exploiting the area. Baloch nationalists is led by the Baloch Liberation Army (BLA). There was a number of attacks against Beijing’s assets.
Experts who are tracking Pakistan internal affairs quoted that “China is so called a partner with Pakistan in crime” and BLA believes that China is looting the natural resources of Balochistan.
These attacks of the Baloch Rebels highly affected Chinese economic Projects. Even the Chinese official meeting with the Baloch government held in very high security.
All these are constantly increasing the security cost of the Chinese projects to protect the Chinese personnel on CPEC projects at Balochistan.