Vietnam Airlines, Bamboo Airways plans to buy Boeing for 737 MAX

Vietnamese startup airline, Bamboo Airways is planning on buying 10 Boeing 787 widebody jets from Boeing. President Trump and North Korean leader Kim Jong Un are having their 2nd Summit this week in Vietnam. And this deal will be Inked on the sidelines of it.

Last year Bamboo Airways had already inked a deal for 20 for Boeing 787 widebody. An executive with Bamboo told Reuters, “We are receiving huge support from Boeing to deploy our flights to the U.S, We will sign with Boeing a deal to buy 10 more Boeing 787s. This is different from the deal signed earlier for 20 Boeing planes.” Bamboo Airways is also considering to purchase 737 max to replace its old fleet of jets.

This deal comes in light on the recent development made earlier this month, where the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) permitted Vietnamese airlines to fly to and from the US. This decision was made based on Vietnam’s international safety standards for “personnel licensing, operations, and airworthiness” gave the country a Category 1 rating.

This enables Vietnam to conduct flights directly from and to the US. Vietnamese Deputy Transportation Minister Nguyen Ngoc Dong made a comment regarding newly received permission to fly from and to the US, “It’s recognition by a very developed aviation authority which requires a very high standard of safety and security.”

He also added,” “Direct flights between Vietnam and the U.S. will not only push tourism activities but also further facilitate bilateral trade and investment,”