Kumkum Bhagya February 26, 2019 Written episode: Tanu hired Nikhil to Shoot Pragya

    In the latest episode of Kumkum Bhagya begins with Abhi and Purab were looking out for the Tanu and unfortunately, they weren’t able to find her. Purab gets frustrated and angry on the Tanu but Abhi was trying to make him calm. Pragya, on the other hand, got tensed as she knows that Tanu is not there. As Tanu get tensed, Aaliya too got tensed and went out to see Tanu but suddenly she saw Abhi and Purab coming back to home. She still thinks that¬†Tanu was back home but unfortunately she wasn’t there.
    Tanu goes to Nikhil’s House and asks him for the help where she asked Nikhil to help her separating Abhi with Pragya. Tanu proposed him 1Crore rs if he helps him on taking revenge for her.
    Nikhil even agreed to help her. She asked Nikhil to harm Pragya’s twin so the family got ruined.
    Then in a baby shower, Nikhil entered the function in the role of the Rajasthani band person. He was about to shoot Pragya but suddenly Kiara hits him and runs towards her parents. Nikhil hides his gun and failed to shoot her. In the meantime, Tanu was constantly calling Nikhil for the update. Nikhil responds to Tanu that it is very difficult to kill Pragya in such a huge function and asked her not to call until he completes his task.
    Kiara was looking for the phone in the room. She was taking selfies with everyone in the function but suddenly she met with Nikhil and asked him for selfie where she identifies that this is the same guy who tried to kill her. She goes to tell all about it.