Boil-water advisory issued after Water Main Breaks Fulton County, Georgia

Fulton County, Georgia: The Atlanta Department of Watershed Management has issued Boil-water advisory in 5 cities across Fulton County after a massive water main broke. This has also caused floods in many parts of Fulton County.

The Advisory has been issued in 5 cities, Chattahoochee Hills, South Fulton, Union City, Fairburn and Hapeville of Fulton County after a water main broke. This has caused a significant drop in pressure in the water supply.

The water main breakage has caused floods in some parts of the Fulton County, authorities said. They also added that the flooding has caused many areas inaccessible by commuters but there are no reported casualties right now.

Due to the low water pressure, the Atlanta Watershed Department has advised people of the affected area to boil water before drinking it.

Atlanta Watershed are working on the scene right now and are trying to contain the problem.