Homeowner Accidentally killed Midland Police Officer, Texas

Midland, Texas: A Midland Police Officer was shot accidentally shot and killed after he was responding to a burglar alarm at a Midland home.

According to an internal email, the Midland Police officer went to a Midland House after a burglar alarm went off. His Probationary police officer along with two other officers accompanied him to the scene.

After arriving at the scene, the officers announced that they were at the front door. But the homeowner didn’t hear their announcement made by the officers and thought his house was being broken into.

When the officers tried to enter the house, the homeowner shot at him, hitting him above his vest. Other MPD officers tried to treat his gunshot wound and transported him to the hospital but he later succumbed to his injuries.

Local Police and Sheriff Departments across Texas have come out and showed their support for their fallen Brother in Blue.