Update: Suffolk Police believes IHOP shooting was targeted

Long Island, New York: According to eyewitnesses 5 people entered the IHOP restaurant in Long Island and started shooting. Suffolk Police now believes that this shooting at random or due to an argument but instead was ‘targeted.’

Suffolk Police was called to the IHOP restaurant after reports of gunfire near 339 Portion Road. As the authorities arrived at the IHOP, the suspects tried to flee the scene, Authorities said. They added that a Sixth Precinct officer was able to arrest the fleeing suspect.

Suffolk Police Chief of Department Stuart Cameron in a news conference said that a man along with several other people approached a group of patrons at the restaurant. Suddenly one of the started firing multiple shots in which one man was injured, Cameron said.

The one person injured in the gunfire was taken to the Stony Brook University Hospital and where he is being treated.

As for the shooting Cameron said that, “We believe this was a targeted shooting and we believe the suspects had an interaction before the shooting,” and added “We do not believe this was a random act or that there is any reason for the public to be concerned other than the fact that it occurred in a crowded restaurant.”

One Female patron was hit with a bullet fragment but her sweater stopped the bullet from penetrating. There are no other reports of an injury in gunfire at the restaurant.