Live Update: 28 people injured in a Bomb Blast near the Jammu bus stand


    On Thursday at around 12.00 pm in the afternoon an explosion took place near the Jammu bus stand.

    Officials have reported that nearly 28 people have been injured in the explosion.

    Jammu Police and investigative agencies have arrived at the scene and are assessing the incident.

    Authorities are also being very cautious near the bomb site as there could be another hidden explosive device.

    The area of the explosion have been closed off by the Jammu Police and people are being asked not to come near the area.

    Some visuals are out of the injured people in a blast at a bus stand admitted to nearest hospital for treatment

    This attack came amid the increasing tensions between India and Pakistan because of the recent Pulwama attack in which 43 CRPF personnel lost their lives.