Update: Attackers shot themselves in São Paulo School Shooting, Brazil

São Paulo, Brazil: On Wednesday at around 9:30 am Local Time, Two armed gunmen wearing facemasks entered the Raul Brasil elementary school in São Paulo and started open firing on the children and staff there.

According to São Paulo Police the two attackers that entered the building and shot the school, they have reportedly killed themselves.

The authorities have not disclosed that the names and descriptions of the attackers but have said that they were young, most likely in their teens.

The armed attackers that shot the school have 9 people have been killed and

Authorities are reporting that in Raul Brasil school shooting at least 9 people have been killed including 5 children.

Brazil has very strict laws regarding guns but it is very easy to procure firearms illegally. This also comes as a shock to the people of São Paulo and Brazil because even though gun crime is high in Brazil, this type of shooting is one of the first of a kind.

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