Emergency evacuation is being done at Norfolk due to flood

City officials ask the one-third of the Norfolk people affect weight as soon as possible. The evacuation areas from Eisenhauer Road south to the Elkhorn River and from 7th Street to Victory Road as said by Norfolk Public Safety Director Shane Weidner.

Highway 275 is totally closed and there is no excess into or out of the city.

Shane Weidner also said “I’m telling you, if you’re told to evacuate, please evacuate. If you choose to stay where you’re at, you’re on your own,”.

“The rising level of Elkhorn river your breaking the report it’s seen in 2010 and it might get more worse” Says Weidner.

Weidner said “Our ability to respond to emergencies is limited. This is a real threat for us. If that levy is breached, the water is trapped in town and we’ll see flooding like we haven’t seen since 1965 and there’s no where for the water to go,”

He also said that there are some drops at Neligh which may provide some relief to the people.

The evacuation should not be done through flooded streets and there will be free Shelters for the evacuation.

One shelter is at Lutheran High Northeast High School at 37th Street and Eisenhauer.

The second one is at Bel-Air Elementary School at 18th Street and Bel-Air Road

The third one is being established at Norfolk Catholic High School.

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