Persona 5 The Royal annouced for PlayStation 4, Teaser Trailer Released

The much teased Persona 5 R was revealed. The new trailer introduces a new female protagonist in the Japanese RPG game.

The game’s developer Atlus has teased out “new projects” in the upcoming game which is yet to be revealed. More details about the upcoming game which has been announced to be called Persona 5 Royal are rumoured to coming late April.

From what the developers have teased, the game seems to be an RPG based mostly on the anime Persona 5 with some more interesting features and a new character. A new female character is shown in the trailer who is also a student at the Shujin Academy the same school as of alter egos of the vigilante group called Phantom Thieves of Hearts.

It is a group of youngsters who go on heists in a parallel dimension into the minds of bad dreadful peoples to expose their hideous acts and make the worlds a better place. The new character expresses her opinion about them that she doesn’t actually like them.

Persona 5 Royal will be coming out exclusively to PS4 soon but still, there are more aspects of the game due next month. While fans are expecting new plots and twists in the storyline, and as a new selectable avatar, they’re also waiting for a more in depth release.

Given the history of the previous installments of the series Persona 5 Royal surely a game worth looking out for.