Woman found dead after from her two pitbulls

Johana villafane- owner of two pitbulls was attacked by her own dogs to death. These dogs were reported of biting a man previously and for the same reason were kept at Texas animal shelter in Irving.
Villafane was feeding the dogs in the exercise area outside the animal shelter. Later, the staff of animal shelter found Villafane lying on the ground, severely injured. The staff tried their best to rescue her, but couldn’t, as both the dogs didn’t let anyone close to Villafane.
Police reported they had to shoot both the dogs to death because their aggressive behavior didn’t come to any termination and also this made it difficult for police to get Villafane any medical attention. Villafane was rushed to hospital in the condition
of severe injury, but was later declared dead.
Villafane was 33 years old woman and owned a male and a female pitbull. ‘The police officer who shot both the dogs dead, had no choice as his job is to safeguard human lives,’ said police offer David Dickinson.
All the neighbors seemed quite terrified and shocked by this incident.
Police and the investigation department shall continue to work on the investigation and reporting behind the case.