‘The Walking Dead’ Review: Season 9 Episode 15 “The Calm Before”

Spoiler Alert!, Yes, a caution one must take into consideration before starting to read, because of this how the ‘The Calm Before’ is brutal, harsh, shocking, rugged and excruciating. No matter for how long have you been a Walking Dead fan, but still, the recent episode will leave you stunned with a pleasant surprise.

In the past series of event like, when a zombie knifed Jesus, the wackiness of the Whispers and the Highwaymen, and the bizarre way in which Rick was taken off the show, where the talking points, but this episode is just so fantastic and will leave you jaw-dropping by its end.

If anything that could’ve matched Game of Throne’s Red Wedding episode than it had to be this, mainly because of how much violence there was and how many characters were killed in the final Rick-Governor showdown moment.

“The Calm Before” is complicated, but effective piece of horror, skilfully playing out the mystery of what, exactly, Alpha is going to do as retaliating for her stolen daughter, culminating in a truly hideous image, a one to remember. As another chapter in the ongoing narrative, it just makes the fan want to throw up their hands, for an agonizing misery of their heroes.

The audience is left shell shocked with an emotional wringer to just prove how a new a Big Bad can be super dangerous. Undoubtedly the episode has been one heck of an exhausting experience for the fans The show has always been it’s own and made people expect a miss happen just when everything is set to be right in its own way. The episode ends with Alpha establishing a ‘border’ by killing a number of significant characters and placing their zombified heads on pikes.