Rockland County Issues State Of Emergency Over Measles OutBreak.

Rockland County, New York: Rockland County Officials have declared the State Of Emergency in Rockland County due to a severe measles Outbreak.

This announcement was made on Tuesday afternoon when Rockland County Officials held a press conference to discuss the details of the outbreak.

A Rockland County Officials said, “Members of county government have met with leaders and stakeholders most affected by this outbreak and they have the first-hand knowledge of dynamic about the outbreak and the specific steps that we taking going forward.”

He added, “Rockland County has entered the 26th week of the measles outbreak.” and the outbreak started last year when 7 unvaccinated individuals entered the county which resulted in 153 confirmed cases of measles reported till March 25th. This has been the worst case of measles since it was eradicated from the US.

He said that only 72.9% of 1-18-year-old of Rockland County have been vaccinated. And therefore to counter this outbreak Rockland County has issued County wide state of emergency which will be in effect from midnight from March 27th.

Any and all individuals under 18 years old who are unvaccinated will be barred from public places and any unvaccinated individual are found in violation of this order the case will be taken to the District Attorney, Authorities Said.

However, any individual who cannot be vaccinated due to prior medical reason is exempt from the order. Officials will be holding a free vaccination drive at the Robert Yeager Health Complex, Building A, 2nd floor from 1 pm to 3 pm on 27th  March.