1 Dead, Officers, Involved Shooting, 2 Suspects Barricade Hotel, Manchester


    Following a deadly ‘Officier Involved Shooting’ which left one person dead, negotiators are working hard to talk with 2 suspects who have barricaded themselves inside a Manchester Hotel in New Hampshire.

    In a press conference, the Machester Police Department Official explained that a person named Stephen Marshall (51) “engaged with Manchester Police Officers and DEA agents in the rear of the Hotel with a gun in his hand at approximately 7:30 pm Yesterday evening,” at Quality Inn, Devine Drive in Machester.

    During the engagement with Police and DEA agents, Stephen Marshall was shot and was taken to the Elliot Hospital where he was pronounced dead, Machester PD Official said.

    He also said that currently there are still 2 individuals who have barricaded themselves in the first-floor room of the hotel, and added this is a developing situation and more information will be provided as soon as possible.

    Manchester Police Chief Carlo Capano said, “Manchester police officers were, for lack of a better term, they were attacked tonight. It’s something that we can’t tolerate. It’s something that we’re not going to tolerate.” And added “Manchester SWAT officers have been on scene for several hours now. They’ve been working diligently and they have been extremely patient, and their professionalism is shining through.”

    Following the incident, police have closed exit 1 on both sides of Interstate 293.

    They have also reported to no police officer or civilian has been harmed as of right now.

    This is a developing situation and we will update you when more information is provided.