19 Dead, Employees Jump to Death Tower Fire Dhaka, Bangladesh

19 people are dead, many jumped to their death a massive fire engulfed a 22-story building in Dhaka, Bangladesh.

The incident took place on Thursday in the evening at around 4 pm when a massive fire broke out in the FR Tower on Kamal Ataturk Road in Banani Dhaka.

City’s fire department immediately responded to the scend. They tried to control the fire and started rescuing people who were trapped in the building.

But the size of the building and intensity of the fire made it very difficult for Firefighters to reach people who were trapped in the building.

Many people jumped off of the building to save themselves from the massive blaze which resulted in their death.

Lieutenant Colonel Julfikar Rahman of the Dhaka fire service said in a statement, “Teams have entered the building and they are scouring the floors for any remaining victims. The building did not have fire fighting equipment.”

In an interview to CNN, Dhaka Fire Department spokesperson Shajahan Sikder said, “The fire is nearly under control.” He added, “There are some small fires still in some pockets of the building which the firefighters are trying to extinguish, but overall the situation is under control.”

This is a developing situation and we will update you when more information is provided.