Footage: Police officer Raid Arizona Home to Rescue Toddler with Fever

On Thursday Police officer forcibly raided an Arizona home to rescue a 2-year-old toddler who 105 degrees fever.

The incident occurred at around 1 am when Chandler Police officer to rescue the child after her mother refused to take her child to the Emergency Room.

The Child who is unvaccinated was taken to a naturopathic doctor who advised the mother to take him to the Emergency Room because of high fever. Instead, the mother and child returned home.

The doctor called the Arizona Department of Child Safety after she learned that the child wasn’t taken to the ER. Arizona Department of Child Safety contacted Chandler Police.

At around 10:30 pm Atuhtories approached the parents’ home for a welfare check but they refused to open the doors which prompted for Chandler Police Officers had to forcibly enter the house and take the child into their custody.

The house also had 2 other children, one 4 years old and one 6-year-old who are currently in their grandparents” custody.