NASA is Paying €16500 to Volunteers for Staying in bed for 89 days

If you think you can stay in bed for 89 days without lifting your head NASA can pay you 16500 Euros for it.

Apparently, NASA in association with the European Space Agency is conducting a study called Artificial Gravity Bed Rest Study in the German Aerospace Center in Cologne, Germany.

This new “job opportunity” sounds very easy and unchallenging since it is just bed resting for 2 months but there’s more to it. The study requires 6 non-smoking women of heights between 5 ft and 6 ft 2inches tall as volunteers.

They will have to stay in bed keeping their head tilted at an angle of 6 degrees for 89 days. Food, bathing and lavatory will be conducted in bed rest position only without shifting the head.

The volunteers will also be put onto a “centrifuge”, a device that rotates an object placed in it, for 30 minutes every day to stimulate the effects of zero-gravity. This study is aimed at learning the effects of weightlessness in space which is very similar to bed rest, in the sleep condition.

According to the German Aerospace Center, “The results of the study will help scientists develop more effective countermeasures or preventive measures so that astronauts on the space station do not have to spend most of their day doing sports.”

It is said to begin in September of this year. More details about this study can be found out from the German Aerospace Center.