Oppo Reno’s Own Solution to Notch-less Display Trend

And after all the weird and artistic trails Oppo has now come up with a solution to finally fix the ‘where in the world to put the front camera’ problem.

As per the leaked reports, Oppo Reno has introduced a pop-up camera and no, it doesn’t fit into your basic idea of pop up cameras.

Oppo with it’s Reno model has introduced a front camera which is set in some weird angle and hence gives the entire front camera a triangular projection.

This new and extremely design sophisticated idea of Oppo is sure to give people some kind of anxiety attack. Although it may be less bulky and less fragile when compared to other pop up cameras, still it changes the very common notion of a pop camera.

Love it or hate it, but you can’t deny the fact that c like Oppo and Vivo have always kept the market at their feet by its display of weird and new designs. This phone is supposed to release on 10th April.

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