“Gotham” Season 5 Ep 12 Reveals Cameron Monaghan’s Joker’s Look

April fools day, the day of celebration of all pranks has seen as an addition to its glory, the unveiling the first official look at Cameron Monaghan’s Joker in a brand new trailer for the upcoming finale.

Just a few days after teasing Batman’s costume, Gotham has revealed who the Dark Knight will square off against on the upcoming series finale. As we already know, the episode will feature Cameron Monaghan’s Jeremiah accepting his destiny as the Clown Prince of Crime. Fox has debuted a hi-res image of Monaghan decked out in full Joker garb via Nerdist.

The clip, titled “J”, starts off by giving us a glimpse of what the post-No Man’s Land Gotham will look like, before taking a trip to Arkham Asylum. There, we see all that remains of Jeremiah Valeska. With a burnt, rough face and green strands protruding from his scalp, Jeremiah is in a vegetative state, as the world carries on around him.

However, at the end of the trailer, we can see two hideous clip of his final joker look, in full action. But nothing can compare to the ultimate final shot which shows Joker bursting into a cackle as a Batarang is being jammed through his hand. Sorry, Mr J! Batman is coming. For fox’s beloved Batman series the end is nigh, what with Gotham’s final season well underway. However, the show has been pulling out all the stops to ensure that the concluding string of episodes is their best ones yet.

Gotham, known for its unique interpretations, will undoubtedly split viewers with their unorthodox appearances. As we already have proofs in the past Monaghan’s characters are always terrifying, Joker seems just fascinating.


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the joke is on you

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Brace yourselves folks, Joker’s officially in town!