Maisie Williams ‘Accidentally’ drops “Game of Thrones” spoilers on Jimmy Fallon


    Earlier this week, Maisie Williams and Jimmy Fallon got away with the most epic April Fools’ Day prank of all time. During their discussion about Game Of Thrones’ final season, Williams appeared to slip up a major spoiler about her character, Arya Stark dying in season 2 The silence that followed her statement was priceless.

    Her being an actor probably made the act even more believable as the audience took her shock, disappointment, and fear to be real. Williams left the stage out of fear followed by Jimmy to apparently check on her; the whole thing was so shocking as the audience were completely out of the loop.

    Then, out popped both of them only to shout “April Fools” at the audience as Fallon added, “we got you so bad”. Rest easy, Game of Thrones fans, Arya is alive and well … for now.

    Williams played coy when asked about the Arya’s “top five iconic moments” in GoT. The said five moments included her uniting with Sansa to kill Little Finger among others. She played the supposed prank like a pro alright. The question arises if this was really a prank or if it was just a coverup for a real major slip up? Only time will tell!