Dartmouth Police officer, Shawn Souza Charged With Child Rape

He was accused of assault of a kid by power, assault to a youngster by rape (minor), and of obscene threatening behavior to the individual under 14 years of age.

A Dartmouth cop is caught without safeguard pending a risk hearing after he was blamed for assaulting a tyke. He was from Dartmouth and was captured this Thursday and charged Friday morning in New Bedford District Court.

The supposed demonstrations all occurred in Dartmouth, as indicated by the Bristol County District Attorney’s Office. A risk hearing was planned for this Monday morning.

So as to secure the personality of the supposed unfortunate casualties, the D.A. said no other data will be discharged right now. A 37-year-old Dartmouth cop has been accused of the assault of one tyke and the obscene threatening behavior of another youngster, authorities said.

Dartmouth police alluded all inquiries to Quinn’s office and would not remark on Souza’s work status.

Quinn’s office does not have a job in the officer’s work and couldn’t remark.

As indicated by the Bristol County lead prosecutor’s office, Shawn Souza was captured by state police Thursday following a report from the Department of Children and Families (DCF) and an examination by the DA’s uncommon exploited people unit.

He was summoned Friday on charges of assault of rape on minor and threatening behavior on an individual under 14 years of age.

He was requested held without safeguard pending the consequences of a peril hearing booked for Monday.

The DA’s office said the supposed occurrences happened in Dartmouth.

In an announcement to Eyewitness News, Dartmouth Police Chief Brian Levesque said the episodes did not happen while Souza was on the obligation. He additionally said Souza has been put on paid regulatory leave as the examination proceeds.