Senran Kagura Peach Ball for Switch will Launch in Summer

XSEED and Marvelous games announced the release of the
upcoming Senran Kahura Peach Ball in the west. XSEED will release the game digitally in the Nintendo eShop in North America and Marvelous will release it in the UK, Europe and Australia this summer.

Obviously, fans wondered if there was to be any censorship due to the influence of western culture. However, Marvelous confirmed through a tweet that there was no censorship and that the content was as per the original Japanese release. Also, Marvelous confirmed that they didn’t have any plans to switch ports of older Senran Kagura titles.

XSEED Games describes the game:

Clothes-shredding brawlers, rhythmic cooking contests, sunny water gun fights, massage therapy – what’s left for the shinobi students of Senran Kagura to try? Well, there’s always pinball! However, Haruka’s “experiments,” conveniently located in the local arcade, have once again caused havoc for the girls. This time, her concoction has mentally turned some of her fellow shinobi into animals.

The only way to reverse the effects is by using the mystical Peach Ball, which just so happens to fit perfectly in a pinball machine. Plunge into this new adventure and flip, bump, spin, or ricochet the Peach Ball into the confused shinobi to return them to their normal selves. With customizable tables, special minigames, a story mode, and fan-favourite additional modes including diorama mode and the Dressing Room, Senran Kagura Peach Ball is set to be one of the hottest pinball games yet. In order to focus on the production and to promote the Senran Series, Marvelous established a new subsidiary called Honey∞Parade Games. Season 2 of the series, Senran Kagura Shinobi Master: Tokyo Yōma-hen-, premiered in October.