Divorce Case for Wendy Williams with Kevin Hunter : 22 Years of Marriage

Wendy Williams is together with Kevin Hunter since a while.

The daytime moderator petitioned for legal separation Thursday following two many years of marriage. This news comes after years of cheating rumors have plagued the pair of more than two decades.

According to a Spokes Person, Much obliged to you to everybody for regarding the family’s security amid this time. Kevin is steady of Wendy and they are working through this procedure together as the individual delegate for Wendy Williams told in an announcement.

Nothing Else has been Stated Yet.

Williams, 54, and Hunter, 46, married each other on Nov. 30, 1997, and share a child together who goes by Kevin Jr aged 19.

A representative for the “Wendy Williams Show” disclosed it is a personal matter and therefore there is nothing much to say, whereas the topical show will stay engaged for the viewers.

Williams recently wedded an unidentified sales rep in 1994, which she point by point in her 2001 diary “Wendy’s Got the Heat.”

Inconvenience for Williams and Hunter achieved an essence after Hudson apparently respected Hunter’s tyke at Philadelphia’s Hahnemann University Hospital close by Monday, March 25. Seeker and his fancy woman had chosen the Philadelphia-based medical clinic trying to shield the updates on the birth from achieving the press.

While the tyke’s paternity has not been affirmed, and neither Hudson nor Hunter remarked on the reports, a few sources asserted that the child was, actually, Hunter’s.

She says in her Show that she is Still in Love with her husband telling her audience, that “Don’t ask me about mine.” She also pointed her wedding ring in the Show that This never gonna go off my hand.