Will God of War 5 be set in Norse mythology?

As the gamers gear up for the launch of this God of War 5 on April 20, Sony has verified to market that we may anticipate activity later on.

For thirteen decades we have been happily ripping the heads apart since the Kratos. However, the atmosphere was that of mythology. On April 20, lovers will start a trip on the PlayStation 4 together with all the one — just one that is set in the cold of the north of Europe west. Mythology was exchanged out in favour of all Norse lore, bringing experiences and all of the dangers.

God of War 5

This age has supported the string nomenclature to be re-started by Sony, ducking away from the God of War IV which could have made life simpler and opting for a God of War. Regardless of this, the sport is very much a sequel to God of War III and takes into consideration the storyline compiled across all seven previous games in the series (once you comprise prequels and gap-fillers).

The people who have played the first few hours of this game are pleased to affirm it is bloody brilliant. It’s also detailed. Sometimes I found myself walking around trees so that I could stare in the bark. A lot of efforts have gone into producing this universe, and it is not likely to go to waste.

The God of War series will probably hang out with Norse mythology for some time yet.