Death Stranding May Be Coming to PlayStation 5, Sony Confirms

At a recent press conference, GameSpot asked Sony about the status of their Next Generation console and if they are working on the PS4 version of the upcoming Hijao Kojima game called Death Stranding. Sony didn’t give a clear answer to GameSpot however they said that PS4 owners can look forward to the game to come for their console as Death Stranding would be definitely compatible with PS4.

However with Sony new next-generation PlayStation 5 just around the corner, many fans are speculating that Sony might be developing a PS5 version of the game and they could announce this news at the upcoming E3 2019 in June.

Death Stranding may be leaping to PlayStation 5, according to another report. Some reports say that PS5 (and PS4) lead system builder Mark Cerny indicated the forthcoming PlayStation 4 game could instead release on both the console as well as also the next-generation PlayStation.

While speaking about PS5’s backward compatibility, Cerny claims that the transition from PS4 into next-gen will probably be “gentle,” with several games launch on both the platforms. When the media asked Death Stranding fits into this, Kerry reportedly smiled and did not respond, in front of a spokesperson replicated the match could return to PS4.

The match is the job from Metal Gear creator Hideo Kojima. It is an action game that comprises an optional multiplayer element. Constructed at E3 2016, Death Stranding has turned into a sport of interest for lovers of both PlayStation and Kojima himself, but we are no closer to understanding a vague launch window.

The game sees you play a worker for a business that embarks on a trip to return a world full of dangerous enemies of source, as Sam Bridges. The essence stays unsolved, although his profession appears to be of a shipping guy of types.