Naughty Dogs Wraps up Filming Ellie & Joel scenes for the Last Of Us 2

Game Developer Naughty Dog has confirmed that they have completed filming for their most anticipated game, The Last Of Us 2.

The Last of us 2 was first announced when the first trailer hit youtube back in 2016. In that trailer, we could see Ellie, who is all grown up playing a guitar in an abandoned house.

There wasn’t much information about that game in that trailer. However, the real deal came when Sony released a 10 min gameplay footage for the game back at E3 2018. In that gameplay, we got a clearer idea about the world and how the gameplay would be. And if you have seen the gameplay footage then you know that the what Naughty Dog is going to deliver is going to great.

But Since their E3 2018 announcement, there hasn’t been much information about the game, until now. Neil Druckmann, Vice President of Naughty Dog made a tweet on in which he showed the picture of what seems to be the final scene of the game, which he said they have completed shooting.

He also made another tweet a few days back which he said they have also wrapped up shooting all Ellie and Joel scenes for the game.


It looks like Naughty Dog is almost done working on The Last Of Us 2 and we could expect the game sometime later this year. And the reason behind this is that they have started posting these pictures just 2 months before E3 2019 and we feel like this is their way of creating more hype for the game.

And therefore it is very likely that we could expect a big announcement surrounding the Last Of Us 2 at E3 2019. They could announce the release date or also give us more details about whether the game would be coming to their next-gen console, the PS5.

So, although this is the only information we have so far, we are quite sure Naughty Dog will be releasing more information about the Last Of Us 2 in bits and pieces in coming days leading up to their E3 showcase.