Thor 4: Tessa Thompson Hints a Female Lead alongside Chris Hemsworth

It is likely that Disney and Marvel Studios might be creating Thor 4 using a female lead character, similar to Kevin Feige’s brand new”MCU NOW!” Strategy with Captain Marvel and Brie Larson, the Hawkeye, and the She-Hulk that is rumored.

Although it’s pure speculation at the moment, Valkyrie-actor Tessa Thompson supports with all the LA Times she has heard Thor 4 continues to be pitched to Marvel, using the post noting she does not know for sure it will occur.

Thor 4: Tessa Thompson Hints a Female Lead alongside Chris Hemsworth

“I heard a pitch has occurred for [a different Thor movie ]. I hear that the pitch has occurred, although I don’t understand how that feasible it is. I believe that the notion is Taika [Waititi, that led Ragnarok] will return,” she explained.

The report has the mention that in which a potential Thor 4 belongs, Tessa Thompson is expected to reprise as Valkyrie, that had been recently confirmed for part of next week The Avengers: Endgame via a personality poster.

Thompson also jokes why Valkyrie was not seen during Infinity War is that the personality was drinking in a pub. Seeing a Thor 4 using a feminine personality, my thinking is that Chris Hemsworth’s Marvel contract will probably be over with the launch of The Avengers: Endgame, therefore what Marvel Studios and Feige appear to do is replacing the present Avengers characters with various characters and actors.

Thor 4: Tessa Thompson Hints a Female Lead alongside Chris Hemsworth

Russos has addressed the question of fans about why wasn’t Valkyrie Avenger’s Infinity War and whether she is dead. They first explained the second part of the question about whether Valkyrie is alive or not. He has confirmed that Valkyrie is indeed alive and was not killed by Thanos when he destroyed Thor’s ship. Valkyrie along with a couple of other Asgardian fled the ship before Thanos was able to kill everyone onboard.

But Russos┬ádidn’t give many details about what would be her role in Avenger’s Endgame. And even though they have confirmed that Valkyrie wasn’t killed, they haven’t confirmed whether she will make an appearance in Avengers Endgame or not. It is highly likely that she will make an appearance if not in between but she will definitely help the Avengers at the climactic battle against Thanos.

Feige lately shoehorned Brie Larson and Captain Marvel to the MCU and being accountable for the creation of The Avengers and also the most compelling character, which does not make too much sense storywise, also Feige said too bad, and fans are stuck using it. The female Thor will not be played with Natalie Portman (Jane Foster becomes Thor in a number of those comics), but a brand new celebrity is going to be cast for the function.