Update: 207 Confirmed Dead in Sri Lanka Bomb Blast on Easter Sunday

According to the latest report by international news agency AFP, 207 people have been confirmed dead in the recent Bomb Blast that took place in Sri Lanka on Easter Sunday in the morning.

The explosion took place at eight different locations that were mostly churches and hotels. The churches that were affected are Kochikade, St Sebastian and Batticaloa along with Hotel Shangri La, Cinnamon Grand, and Kingsbury hotel were also affected. Following these 6 blasts in the morning, 2 more explosions also took place later today at Orugodawatta and Dehiwala.

Earlier it was being reported that 50 people were killed in this incident. However, Sri Lankan Officials have said that this number is likely to rise in the coming hours. Many of the people who were killed in this attack were gathered in churches as it was Easter Sunday and Attacker may have planned this attack keeping that in mind.

And now it is being reported that 207 people have been confirmed dead along with 300 plus injured. According to Sri Lanka’s Foreign Secretary, at least 20 among the casualties were foreigners.

The Police reportedly had the Information 10 Days Prior to The Attack.

So far Sri Lankan Police has identified two suspects who they believe were involved in carrying out the suicide bombing in two places. Police believe Zahran Hashim was responsible for carrying out the attack on Shangri La hotel and Abu Mohammad was responsible for carrying out the attack on Batticaloa church

A curfew has been imposed all around to country as authorities are investigating this incident and to hinder attackers to carry out more bombings. Sri Lankan Authorities have set special hotline (011 2 322 485) so that people can report any suspicious activity or person to the authorities.