13 Reason Why, Dylan Minnette Confirms Major Spoiler about Season 3

Netflix officially confirmed the return of ’13 Reasons Why’ on June 6, 2018. The series had successfully stirred up many conversations addressing the issues of mental illness and suicide. As a result, it became the most tweeted-about Netflix show to date with its release in March 2017.

With 13 Reasons Why Season 3 on our way, here’s all that we know to prep you up for it.


Netflix hasn’t revealed a release date but is going to be released in 2019. As the first season aired in March 2017 and second season in May 2018, we can expect it to drop in the Summer of 2019.


Brenda Strong (Nora Walker, Bryce’s mother) and Timothy Granderos (Montgomery De La Cruz) have been promoted to the main cast from recurring characters.

Most of the main cast is going to be returning in this upcoming season. From what we know, we are going to see Dylan Minette, Christian Navarro, Alisha Boe, Justin Prentice, Brandon Flynn, David Druid, and Anne Winters.

Katherine Langford (Hannah Baker) has bid her adieus to the show. She said, “Hannah is wrapped. Hannah is officially done on 13 Reasons Why and I feel really proud to have been a part of the project.”


How it might start?

Dylan Minette, in one of his interviews, said, “I’d be surprised if the story isn’t, like, immediately picked up where it left off.” The season two of 13 Reasons Why ended with a cliffhanger showing a rifle in Clay’s hands and police sirens waving off from a close distance. So, we can see how it plays off.”

Tyler Down’s character development:

Druid said, “I think it would be great to kind of see Tyler have some recovery in there and see him find himself and have that support group around him.”

Also, showrunner Brian Yorkey said that one of the keys focuses of Season 3 is Tyler Down. What led to Tyler making such a grim decision of Mass shooting? He’s gone through a sexual assault and his recovery is much needed.


The Romantic corner of this show has Jessica Davis and Justin Foley. Alex Standall wouldn’t be quite happy about it. Clay might get some romance in the Season 3. Because you know when the last thing you’re looking for is love but fate has something else in store? We don’t know for sure but it could happen!

Chloe might still stay together with Bryce. Winters thinks that it was necessary to show Chloe the way they did. Many girls aren’t able to be strong enough to speak up and she thinks her character is “Realistic”.

Chloe is with Bryce’s child. Hence, Justin Prentice thinks “abortion” is another topic that will be covered in season 3.

Friendships and recovery:

Clay’s recovery is also one of the key aspects of the 13 Reasons Why. He might require some professional therapy. Justin Foley and his relationship with Clay, now as brothers, can be explored. Justin’s addiction to Hannah and his recovery is another thing we can expect from the show.

Dylan Minnette Confirms Major Spoiler about 13 Reason Why Season 3
Image- Netflix

As Jessica is the only one who pretty much knows about Chloe’s pregnancy, we can expect their interaction throughout the show. Jessica understands Chloe. She might also help Chloe to come out with Bryce’s sexual assaults.

The Wait:

We this the most difficult part of the process but we also know that we are the ones who bear the fruits of our effort and 13 Reasons Why is one Fruit that many fans are waiting for. But we just have to wait for a few more months as the reason Date for 13 Reasons Why Season 3 is coming very close.

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