Morgan Stark, Iron Man’s Daughter vs Iron Man 3 Kid, Who will be the next Iron Man in MCU

*Warning this article contains major spoilers from Avengers Endgame so if you haven’t seen the movie or if you do not want to get spoiled, refrain from reading this article. You have been warned.

How does Iron Man Die in Avengers Endgame?

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So if you haven’t watched Avengers Endgame yet then let me tell you bad news. Iron Man Dies in the End. Yes in order to defeat Thanos Iron Man Creates his own Infinity Gauntlet. They combine this infinity Gauntlett with the infinity stones they took from the past and then Professor Hulk uses this Infinity Gauntlett, to bring back everyone Thanos killed. But it severally injures Professor Hulk. Just Like Thanos’s arm was injured when used the Infinity Gauntlett to kill half of all life.

But when Thanos get winds of their plan he tries to stop the Avengers with the help of younger Nebula who is still loyal to Thanos. And in the end, Thanos does finally get his hand on the Infinity Gauntlett and then he tries to snap again. But Iron Man stops him and takes out the Infinity stones from the Gauntlett. He places the Infinity stones on his own fist. then just like the end of Iron Man 1, he says to Thanos “I AM IRON MAN” and destroys Thanos and his army with a snap.

However, the Infinity stones put too much toll on Iron Man’s body. And because of this Iron Man dies.

Who Will Take Up Iron Man’s Mantle?

Now with Iron Man, dead someone has to take up his Mantle. But you might be wondering who it might be that could take on the Role as Iron Man in MCU’s Phase 4.

Iron man dies

There are two possible candidates who could take up Iron Man’s Mantle. Those are Morgan Stark, Iron Man’s Daughter, and Harley the kid we see in Iron Man 3 who helps Tony uncover the truth behind Extremis virus.

Morgan Stark


Morgan Stark

We meet morgan stark in Endgame. She is the daughter of Pepper Potts and Tony Stark. She was born during the 5-year time jump we see after Thor kills Thanos during the start of the movie. After Thanos is killed people on earth and around the world starts to accept the fact that the loved ones they lost aren’t going to come back. During this time period, Morgan is born. when we meet her for the first time she looks to be around 4 to 5 year old.

Although we don’t learn much about how smart she is during her short appearance in Endgame we do come to know that she is her father’s daughter as we see her with Tony when he is working on the time travel device.

We do know that after the death of Iron Man, Morgan is going to inherit all of her father’s assets and resources. And if she is as smart as her father then it is very likely that she will continue what her father started.

Harley, The Kid from Iron Man 3

harley keener

If you have seen Iron Man 3 (which you must have if you are a marvel fan and if you haven’t then you definitely must) then you might remember the kid who meets Iron Man on his quest to the truth behind the Mandarin and the Extremis virus. You may not remember his name (his name is Harley by the way) but he was one of the crucial characters of the movie who helped Iron Man overcome his PTSD.

Tony has been affected by the PTSD from the battle of New York and the nuke that he used to destroy the Chitauri Mother Ship. He has been having dreams about the battle which has bothered him ever since that day. This PTSD has caused Iron Man to break down on multiple occasions.

However, it was Harley who helped him in not just only to finding the Mandarin but also helped him overcome his PTSD during that time period. Although we haven’t seen or heard much about Harley ever since Iron Man 3, there was a surprise appearance of him during Iron Man funeral. We could see him (standing with Captain Marvel) when Pepper along with all the other characters from previous Marvel movie are gathered there.

There is a high probability that Harley could take on the role as Iron Man because have already seen that he is a lot smarter than other kids of his age. When Iron Man first meets Harley he threatens Tony with a Potato Gun. Even though he didn’t let it on his face but Tony seemed actually impressed by Harley.

So we might actually have to wait a few years to find out who will take up the role of Iron Man in MCU as Marvel hasn’t released any plans about the next Iron Man movie but it will definitely we interesting to see which character will Marvel choose to fill in his shoes.