Iron Man Coming with another Movie? Who Will be The IRON MAN then?

Iron Man is a Legacy and The Most Important Character in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. But All as You all Know the Fate of Iron Man in The Endgame, Check Out Here if You don’t know (Spoilers).

Morgan Stark, Iron Man's Daughter vs Iron Man 3 Kid, Who will be the next Iron Man in MCU

So as You all Know That There is still a Confusion for the Fate of Iron Man between

  • The Kid from Iron man 3, or Better Known as Harley who also had a cameo in Avengers Endgame at the Funeral
  • The Daughter of Tony Stark, Which Was Born Between The Thor time Jump in Endgame.

So who will Actually Come in Iron Man 4, wearing the suit of Iron Man?

Avengers Endgame: Harley Keener will Become the Next Iron Man in MCU
Picture Credit- Marvel Comics

Let us Discuss the Key Points we Observed which can Actually Lead to a Conclusion.

  1. Morgan Stark is the daughter of Pepper Potts and Tony Stark.
  2. She was born during the 5-year time jump we see after Thor kills Thanos during the start of the movie.
  3. After Thanos is killed people on earth and around the world starts to accept the fact that the loved ones they lost aren’t going to come back.
  4. During this time period, Morgan is born. when we meet her for the first time she looks to be around 4 to 5 year old.
  5. But 5 Years Old is not Enough to be The Next Iron Man, Maybe She’ll Take Place later on.
  6. Morgan is going to inherit all of her father’s assets and resources.
  7. Harley Keener at the end of the movie can possibly mean that they have plans for him.
  8. Tony renovated Keener’s garage with the latest tech.
  9. Harley liked to play with gadgets and tech just like Tony.
  10. In The Comics, After the civil war, a kid who worked under Tony takes up the mantle. This kid who takes up the mantle is known as Iron Lad.
Harley Keener was present in the end of Avengers Endgame. Could it possibly mean that he is set to become the next Iron Man in MCU's Phase 4
Picture Credit- tvovermind

So Finally as I Can deduct, I say that Harley is Surely going to be The Next IRON MAN to continue the Legacy by Tony Stark.

So Marvel Fans be Ready to Digest that Iron Man is No More and the Fate has turned down for it.