This is how Loki, Black Widow and Iron Man Comes back in Marvel Phase 4

Warning, This article contains heavy spoilers for Avengers Endgame. So if you don’t want to get spoiled refrain from reading this article. You have been Warned.

So with the Release of Avengers Endgame Marvel has finished a Saga that was started in 11 years ago with Iron Man 1. Endgame is in theatres right now and has already broken several Box Office Records within just a week of its release.

However, despite being a critical and commercial success, there are several characters who’s deaths have impacted us the most. But due to Avengers Endgame including time travel in its plot, there could be a 1 in a 14 million chance they these characters could come back in future MCU movies. So let us discuss how could Marvel bring back these characters in Marvel’s Phase 4.

Black Widow

The one character whose death we weren’t expect was a beloved secret agent Natasha Romanoff aka Black Widow. She chooses to sacrifice her life for Hawkeye and the Avengers in order to get the Soul Stone which one can only get if he/she sacrifices someone they love. Just like Thanos Killed Gamora in Avengers Infinity War, Black Widow sacrifices herself while also saving Hawkeye.

This is how Loki, Black Widow and Iron Man Comes back in Marvel Phase 4

Her death could have been the most impactful as we know that no amount of magic or even the combined power of Infinity Stone could bring back Black Widow as we already know the life that has been used in order to get the Soul Stone couldn’t be brought back.

However, there was one thing that no one considered before Endgame. And that is Time Travel. This is also not just a theory as it has been used once to bring back someone who was sacrificed to get to Soul Stone. Yes, you are right. Gamora who was killed to get the Soul Stone by Thanos is now back as she came with Thanos into the future called by younger Gamora who is still evil. So even though the Gamora we know is dead her place is now taken by the Gamora from 2014 and this is how Black Widow could be brought back too.

At the end of Endgame, they have rebuilt a working Quantum Tunnel which they used to return all the Infinity Stone back to their original timeline where they took them from. Although there is one major catch in bringing Black Widow into the future from the past. And that catch is that it would create a major alternate timeline in which Black Widow couldn’t have sacrificed her life to get the Soul Stone for the Avengers. But we don’t think that would be a problem as there are a lot of things that the Avengers changed while traveling back and forth in time.

This is how Loki, Black Widow and Iron Man Comes back in Marvel Phase 4
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And also there is Solo Black Widow also in production. We do know that the movie will be a prequel and also an origin story for Black Widow. But it would a bad idea if Marvel is making an origin story for a character that we know is already dead. So we think that Marvel has already thought that through and there is a high probability that they will be bringing back Black Widow in Phase 4. And also the Solo Black Widow Movie will be the first movie of MCU’s Phase 4 so we won’t have to wait for that much to get our answers.


The case is fairly simple for Loki as we do know that we already escaped with the Time Stone or Tesseract back when Iron Man and Ant Man were trying to get it in 2012, during the events of Avengers 1. But that plan went horribly wrong when they accidentally handed the tesseract to Loki and he escaped with it. This had probably created a major alternate timeline which was addressed in Endgame. But we do think that this alternate timeline will be the focus of the upcoming Loki TV series which will be premiering of Disney+.

This is how Loki, Black Widow and Iron Man Comes back in Marvel Phase 4
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So we have to that to look forward to the Loki TV Series to find out what actually happens to him and how will Marvel will take his character as he was already turned into a good guy in Avengers Infinity War.

Iron Man

And at last and the most important character who we all want to come back in future Marvel movies is Iron Man. Even if he appears in a cameo in the future movie that would be a delight to see him again. But that won’t be possible as he died at the end of Avengers Endgame. In order to defeat Thanos Tony Stark aka Iron Man uses the Infinity Stones against Thanos and turn him along with his army into dust. But this heroic act of his was too much for his mortal body to handle as he is not able to take the full force to all the Infinity Stones combined, resulting in his death.

This is how Loki, Black Widow and Iron Man Comes back in Marvel Phase 4

During the final moments of Endgame, we get to see all the characters that were impacted by Iron Man, gathered at his funeral. We even got to see Harley Keener, the kid from Iron Man 3 who helped Iron Man overcome his PTSD.

However, there is one way by which Marvel could bring back Iron Man back in MCU. And that way is through AI or consciousness transfer. We know that sounds a bit far fetched but that won’t be the first time Marvel would be doing that. Remember Arnim Zola in Captain America Winter Soldier. In that movie, we came to know that before his death Zola transferred his conscious onto 200,000ft of Data Banks in 1970. So if Zola was able to pull that off with 1970s technology then it is definitely possible for the man who discovered how to travel through time to be able to figure that out with 21st-century technology.

This is how Loki, Black Widow and Iron Man Comes back in Marvel Phase 4

So even though it is highly unlikely Marvel would pull that off and completely bring back Iron Man there is still a possibility that we would see him in one form or another in Future MCU films.