Robert Sheehan Hints at Umbrella Academy Season 2 Release Date

After around 10 months, 15 days and 47 minutes, your long wait would probably come to an end. The Umbrella Academy season 2 might be released by Netflix. This wait for season 2 started since February 15, 2019, when the season 1 was released. Reports from Netflix officials say that 45 million households viewed this season in just the first month.

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Umbrella Academy was absolutely loved worldwide both by critics and fanatics. It’s unique features made it stand out among all the otter Netflix series and gain immense popularity in a really short span of time.

For those who live in a well, let’s look at an overview of what the Umbrella Academy really is.

Umbrella Academy has a really interesting storyline which revolves around 7 selected kids having superpowers, born at exactly the same time and selected to the orphan by a rich millionaire. However, the story starts from after the time they are kids.

Robert Sheehan Hints at Umbrella Academy Season 2 Release Date
Picture Credit- Polygon

Introduce yourselves to the 7 superheroes:

Number 1, named Luther Hargreeves lived on the moon for 4 years. Being an Astronaut, he is nicknamed spaceboy. GOT’s Tom Holler plays this part amazingly.

Number 2, named Diego Hargreeves is basically a trouble maker. Nicknamed Kraken, saying “He is good at blades” would be an understatement. Jane the Virgin‘s actor David Castañeda played this part.

Number 3, named Allison Hargreeves, is a successful actress, though the success was mostly due to her powers. And Yes, you guessed it right, there always is one with these powers of altering reality and manipulating minds. Nicknamed The Rumour, the part was played by A Million Little Things actress Emmy Lampman.

Number 4, named Klaus Hargreeves, is a drug addict with the mysterious ability to speak to the dead. Nicknamed The Séance, the part was played by Misfits actor Robert Sheehan.

Number 5, name unknown as of season one, is a pretty mysterious personality with the ability to Space and Time travel. Though being a 58-year-old man, he is stuck as a 10-year-old boy. Nicknamed The Boy, the part was played by a 15-year-old actor Aiden Gallagher.

Number 6, named Ben Hargreeves, is practically a ghost but is able to communicate due to the abilities of The Séance. Nicknamed the Horror, the part is played by  Pure Genius actor Justin H Min.

Number 7, named Vanya Hargreeves, is probably the most mysterious sibling of them all. She is led to believe that she has no powers at all, though she later discovers that she is the most powerful of them all. Nicknamed The White Violin, the part was played by X-Men actress Ellen Page.

Robert Sheehan Hints at Umbrella Academy Season 2 Release Date
Picture Credit- Netflix

The season 1 of the show kicks off with the seven kids meeting at the funeral of Sir Reginald Hargreeves(played by Colm Feore) who adopted them when they were kids.

The story then propagates with them trying to solve the mystery of his death. However, things don’t go so well seeing how they have different personalities and views. Add to this mix some superpowers, you would probably have a pretty good idea how this would go.

With Season 2 already on the sets, reports say it might get ready to be released by February next year. Nevertheless, any unplanned delays might push the date to late 2020.