Alexandra Daddario is Dating Emma Watson’s Ex? is He Brendan Wallace

Alexandra Daddario and tech businessman Brendan Wallace were recently spotted together in Venice area of Los Angeles. 33 years old Alexandra Daddario is an American actress who is known for her role of Annabeth Chase in Percy Jackson web series.

Brendan Wallace is a Co-founder and managing partner of Venice based venture capital firm Fifth wall ventures he had recently broken up with English actress Emma Watson a few months ago.

On his recent date, Wallace and Daddario were seemed to be enjoying their time with each other and they are having a nice conversation. At the streets of Venice, both of them were wearing normal clothing.

Last year on October Brendan Wallace was spotted on a restaurant in Mexico kissing his ex-girlfriend Emma Watson. At that time they were together on their vacation. Last year Alexandra Daddario was also seen dating Zac Efron who was her co-actor in the movie Baywatch when she was asked about her relationship with Efron she said that they are just good friends.
Alexandra Daddario made her acting debut at around 2002-03 through a television series titled All my children. Then in 2010, she got her first major role of Annabeth chase and then she continued giving fantastic movies.
Alexandra Daddario and Brendan Wallace have seemed first time after Brendan’s break up with Watson.