Real meaning behind Iron Man & Morgan Stark’s ‘I love You 3000’ line from Avengers Endgame

Avengers Endgame is the last movie of the Saga and also being over 3 hours long was bound to have some of the memorable quotes and callbacks in Marvel’s history. Like the ‘I can do this all day’ line when Captain America is fighting a younger version of him or when Thor chops Thanos’ head off and says, ‘i went for the head.’

But there was one other line in particular that fans loved and that was ‘I love 3000.’ This line is said by Morgan Stark (played by Alexandra Rachael Rabe) to his father Tony Stark (played by Robert Downey Jr.) aka Iron Man. When Tony Stark is tucking his daughter in her bed he says to her daughter that he loves her tons to which she replies ‘I love you 3000’ and this makes Iron Man smiles.

Real meaning behind Iron Man & Morgan Stark's 'I love You 3000' line from Avengers Endgame

Fans have pointed out various theories that explain what this line actually means. Such as the 3000 references was made because Iron Man says he loves her tons and one ton is about 2000 pounds. And therefore to signify that Morgan loves her father more she says that she loves her ‘3000.’

There is also another theory that explains this. Fans have calculated that the total run time of all Marvel movies is combined to be around 3000 minutes. And fans have pointed out this is actually Marvel saying to its fans that they are thankful that they have supported them in all these years and they love them.

According to a Twitter user named Ash he calculated the run time of all Marvel movie starting from the Iron Man 1 which was released in 2008 to this year Spider-Man Far From Home which is set to release this year. According to his calculation, the total run time of all Marvel movie is combined to 2998 which is around 3000 minutes.

There is also another rumour that according to which this line actually comes from Robert Downey Jr. himself. Many fans have speculated that Robert Downey uses this line himself with his family and this is how this line got included in the script of the movie.

So whatever may the reason be behind this line one thing is for sure we also love the cast of Avengers Endgame and Marvel 3000.