Captain Marvel 2 will introduce Karla Sofen as a big super villain in MCU

Marvel Studios is doing astonishing work in film making in recent years based on the comics character. The way they make movies includes every composure blended together into the perfection that ultimately is worth-watching.

Marvel Cinematic Universe is the most successful franchise of Marvel Studios. The Universe promises a good storyline and accounts for widespread praise. Marvel Cinematic Universe recently completed the Infinity Saga that brought remarkable laurels and acclaim. Now they tend to explore more depth of the Marvel Comics. We believe they could introduce Karla Sofen in the Marvel Cinematic Universe sooner or later.

Karla Sofen is a supervillain and sometimes anti-hero who possess some serious powers to battle our heroes and place this character noteworthy in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Karla Sofen comes with various Moonstone, Meteorite, and Ms. Marvel. Her first appearance in comics came in Captain America’s issue number 192 in December 1975. She afterward appeared in issue 228 of The Incredible Hulk where it was bare that she was the doctor of psychiatry of the ex- Moonstone, Lloyd Bloch, furthermore, that she fooled him into giving up the moonstone to her. In the wake of being the Moonstone, she ended up significant foe of Captain Marvel.

Captain Marvel was released in March 2019 and it was critically acclaimed and commercially successful. So, MCU will eventually introduce Karla Sofen. Karla Sofen at some point even took the name of Ms. Marvel in Dark Avengers series. Karla consumed a Kree gravity stone, which was found on Earth’s moon, which gave her strength and energy powers tantamount to Captain Marvels. The powers of this antihero include Superhuman strength, speed, stamina and reflexes, Gravity manipulation, Flight, Photon blasts, Intangibility, Light generation, and Minor molecular control.

She played an important role in Secret Invasion series so if MaCu plans to release secret invasion Karla is the big name.