Will Tom Holland and Zendeya definitely going to be real-life couple ?

From the latest trailer of Spiderman: Far From Home, we speculated that we will have privilege to see on-screen romance of Spiderman (portrayed by Tom Holland, 22) and Michelle “MJ” Jones (portrayed by Zendeya Coleman, 22.) But multiple rumours even claim that the on-screen couple could be dating off-screen too.

The lead stars of Spiderman: Far from home are getting communal attention recently. Many fans think that they are dating actually. But the rumoured couple hasn’t confirmed about their secret relationship yet. But the fans around believe they are hiding the fact and fans have dived into search the detail about their hush-hush connection.

The sneaky couple had made commendable levels of secrecy about their relationships. Back in 2016, Tom posted a photo chilling in the pool alongside Zendeya. This post primarily puts fans in doubt about their relationship. Later in November Zendeya took the platform and shared a photo of a magazine cover along with Tom mentioning that she was honoured to share a stage with the very “best” referring to Holland. Later she even posted a video of Spiderman mentioning “favorite people.”

Tom again posted Zendeya’s solo picture of her attending the Met Gala. He mentioned “mate” and again later in the occasion of Zendeya’s 22nd birthday he wished by writing “Me, myself and the birthday girl. Happy birthday mate” with a heart emoji.  In June 2018, Zendeya posted a picture of birthday wish quoting “loser.” Ring a bell, huh?

Okay lovebirds this “mate” and “loser” thing could be something more. Don’t fool us around!

Recently, they were pictured sharing laughs sneaking to the Zendeya’s phone. Also, they were seen multiple times hanging around each other and spending quality time. In recent interview with Jimmy Kimmel in his show, Zendeya told that Tom wasn’t a social media guy and he Face Time Zendeya for a small thing likes how to operate Instagram or how to download videos.

Well, Tom we are not dumb, you are literally onto something with her. Who knows what they are up to but it seems they are a perfectly matched couple.