Black Mirror Season 5: Miley Cyrus excited about the Season 5 Premiere

The first official trailer for Black Mirror Season 5 is here. The upcoming season has already promised another exciting dark side of the growing technology. The series is coming back with 3 new stories.

The trailer has been careful not to give out major spoilers. But the 107 seconds trailer promises some really dark stories. The trailer kicks off with the introduction of the first episode – Smithereens. A man seemingly driven mad by the presence of mobile phones. The protagonist is played by Andrew Lincoln (famous for his role as Jim Moriarty in the Sherlock Holmes series). He is holding a gun out in his car at the brink of becoming violent.

Black Mirror Season 5

The second episode called Striking Viper stars Avengers: Endgame’s star Anthony Mackie. He is a family man struggling with some personal issues. The main technology target here seems to be a beat-em-up style game. So, it would be interesting to see how everything pans out.

The third episode is one of the most exciting ones. The technology focus is an ego-boosting robot doll. The most interesting part about this episode is that it has Miley Cyrus in the meta storyline. She is playing the role of a performer.

Release Date:

Black mirror is going to premiere on Netflix from June 5th, 2019.