Selena Gomez made a ‘Marriage’ Joke with Bill Murray and Fans are losing it

Okay, every guy who has been crushing 26-year-old adorable pop artist are definitely going to have heartbreak. The American Music Award winner said something disastrous to those who have laid their hearts on her. Selena Gomez, the country’s most loved singer recently posted a photo on Instagram stating she is going to marry a 68-year-old man.

What could possibly be more torment then this?

It was 72nd Cannes Film Festival and Gomez was there for the first time promoting her new featured movie. She was dressed in white and looking absolute princess but what caught eye was her bonding with fellow co-star Murray.

Selena Gomez made a 'Marriage' Joke with Bill Murray and Fans are losing it

The Oscar nominee Bill Murray will be seeing along with Selena Gomez this June on Zombie movie named “The Dead Don’t Die”. Bill and Selena were spotted having lots of time together. Also, Bill whispering into Selena’s ear attracted people to doubt if there was something going around.

Later, Gomez made an Instagram post captioning that she was honored to be part of the film. She also wrote, “Bill Murray and I are getting married.” So now what could this possibly mean? Is this a joke. Celebs love to prank their fans like how Beiber did of having a baby.

Yes, the fact that she actually announced her wedding in social media can have multiple truths. But how they were attached (romantically!) during the festival also can’t be ignored. She shared a flying kiss fans!

Selena, are you really going to marry him or are you just messing up with us?