50 Cent Fans angry over “transphobic” comment, Young Buck responds

Rapper 50 Cent has received a huge backlash from the Internet for his recent comments. He targeted his former friend and tried to throw shade at him.

50 Cent took to Instagram to troll Young Buck by using his ex-girlfriend’s explosive news diss track against him. He highlighted rumors that Buck has a transgender girlfriend.

50 cent reposted a report a screenshot of the meme featured on the diss track Buck’s alleged ex made.

In a now-deleted Instagram video he captioned it:  “I think he’s, I mean she is mad she gave David the idea for a ❤️valentines project. @iamglamourpurfek.official ??‍♂️smh just kiss and make up Buck.”

He then made an attempt to reveal Buck’s relationship with the transgender woman through a video. The video shows the woman claiming that Buck and herself were in a relationship for 3 years.

He captioned the video ‘He was your slider for 3 years, Buck Gay as a motherfucker LOL Now what the else I don’t know going on around here.’

This comment received a huge backlash from social media. The internet called him out as transphobic, homophobic.

Young buck also took it to Instagram to respond 50 Cent’s comment. He posted an Instagram post captioning it: “Some Of You MF’s Will Believe Anything. The Internet Didn’t Make Buck…And It Dam Sure Can’t Break Buck.

 For the fans who wanted to see the beef he urged them to follow him. “Now take ya nosey ass fingers and hit that #Follow button, why you reading ?”.