Umbrella Academy Season 2 script reveal, plot, release date & everything we know so far

The Umbrella Academy season 2 is definitely going to happen.

The bewildering superhero drama series, The Umbrella Academy was critically acclaimed show when it streamed on Netflix a few months back. It attracted many viewers to give positive reviews. Over 45 million viewers watched this series within the first month of release. So, after this, the show-runners are definitely going to renew for another season. In which they did too but recently they even provided a huge spoiler.

The ending of season 2 was devastating. After knowing her true and outrageous power, Vanya(Ellen Page) goes for a fight with her own brothers and sister. While those super-powered siblings try to stop Vanya from bringing Apocalypse, they failed and a beam of power from Vanya hits the moon.

The moon now bursts into pieces and rains down towards Earth, literally bringing the Apocalypse. Just before the city gets destroyed, Number Five plans to take Vanya back to the past and treat her properly with love and utilizing her powers for good. The season ended with an intense cliffhanger.

Recently, the Umbrella Academy official Instagram handle made an unexpected post. The posted picture is actually a script for Season 2. Yes, the actual script for the season 2. The caption of the post mentions that We’ve seen The Future. While the picture includes a text in the grey background, that reads Right Back Where We Started in the top. Also, it includes the writer name, Steve Blackman and Director Sylvain White. So, from the title, we can deduce how the plot of season 2 will flow.

Umbrella Academy Season 2 script reveal, plot, release date & everything we know so far
Picture Credit- Polygon

While many fans have already thought of their theories. It is obvious that Season 2 will commence from that cliffhanger part in season one and all the siblings will now be kids. They will find themselves in their childhood in the same Hargreaves mansion with their over-protective and strict father.

Reports said that production will begin in Toronto, Canada this summer.