Taylor Swift & Boyfriend Joe Alwyn At Paris, Swift’s New Album Title?

Taylor Swift and her boyfriend Joe Alwyn was enjoying the sunny weather in Paris on Friday. They were holding hands in the street of Beaubourg, after having breakfast.

Taylor Swift & Boyfriend Joe Alwyn

The couple is in casual with matching baseball caps, sunglasses and sneakers. A 29-year-old Taylor Swift in a dip-dyed sweatshirt with black skinny denim jeans, while 28-year-old Joe Alwyn, in a plain white T-shirt with a hoodie over his shoulder. Both were in cross-body bags as they walked together in the cobblestone streets.

Taylor Swift Just Gave Away Her New Album’s Title

Taylor Swift is currently busy doing a lot of interviews. She is promoting her first single “ME!” and her upcoming seventh album. However today, she seemingly gave away her fan’s biggest question: What will be the title of her upcoming album?

Swift did not reveal it directly, instead she told fans how to find it in the easter eggs she has already dropped in her new interview with The Independent.

When asked how many clues are there about TS7’s title in her “ME!” music video, Swift replied, “I think you see it once, and you hear it twice.”

This made the job easier, fans recognized that the word “Lover” appears on the screen once and in the lyrics twice.

So, the album’s name is ‘Lover’. Some people may love the title, while others may not. The main reason being the word itself, which is very uncommon. We do not see the word very often, apart from in period pieces and romance novels.

However, Swift has used the word ‘lover’ before in her music. In her previous album Reputation, it appeared twice.

The first appearance was in Reputation’s first track. The second time it appeared in her song “Call It What You Want,” from the same album.

In both those mentions, the word ‘lover’ apparently referred to Swift’s boyfriend Joe Alwyn. Now we have to wait and see whether her entire seventh album will be about him and their relationship or if she explores the word’s broader meaning beyond a romantic partner like self-love, love for life etc. Time and music will clarify everything.