Cyberpunk 2077 not coming at E3 2019, CD Projekt Red confirms

Melancholy has engulfed the gamers as it has confirmed that Cyberpunk 2077 – one of the most hyped and awaited game right now – won’t be playable at E3 2019. But that doesn’t decrease its presence as it will be the developer’s biggest show yet.

The videos, pictures, and rumours have awakened the curiosity among the beginners about the game. So here’s a brief about it.

Cyberpunk 2077 is an upcoming role-playing video game developed and published by The Witcher 3 developer, CD Projekt. The trailer announced at Microsoft’s Xbox conference rebooted the excitement of the game. The developers started working on the game in 2012 or even before. A teaser trailer was released in 2013, reaching 12 million views in the third week.

The adaptation is from the 1988 tabletop game Cyberpunk 2020. The game is set fifty-seven years later in the grim reality of the Night City, California. The game is an open world RPG with six different regions. It is a neon cyberpunk game and plays a lot like The Matrix game. However, it is quite a lot different from The Witcher series with towering neon skyscrapers, bionic enhancements, and a focus on vertical movement. It will be released on PS4, Xbox One, and PC and won’t be an epic game store exclusive. Also, it is a First Person game.

The 48-minute demo of the game has hinted some details. One can get a glimpse of the character creation screen, which starts by choosing your sex. After that, you can customize clothing, hair, etc. Even after customizing your character, you are still one specific person, that is V.

During a firefight in the opening scenes of the demo, V, the central character, ducked and peeked around cover to kill a gang of scavengers with bullets from her automatic pistol. It also makes the fans delighted about haw agile V can be. Both in and out of the combat, there are many ways you can mess with the environment. The Night City seems alive and bustling with hundreds of characters walking, talking, and fighting. There will be romantic relationships just like in The Witcher 3. And to make the world of cyberpunk 2077 appear more real, there will be some NPCs which will be gay, bi and straight.

But here’s an important thing, Cyberpunk 2077 isn’t meant for kids. Parents should seem to it that their children don’t fall for it.

One thing that struck me was the game’s script and dialogues. Through the demo, the writing in the game seems a little on the nose. It seems to be full of unnecessary swearings and vulgarities, which undermined the work of the developers and the designers.

Cyberpunk 2077 not coming at E3 2019, CD Projekt Red confirms

The UI of the Cyberpunk 2077 is both stylish and minimal. But many things are likely to change as the development goes on.

In 2018, CD Projekt acquired a new developer to support Cyberpunk development. The Witcher 3’s creative directors have joined the developer’s team.

Also, the game won’t have mod support at the launch.

Some sources suggest that the game is expected to release in 2020. So the fans need not to be despised because the wait will be worth it.