American singer Miley Cyrus groped by a stranger after Spanish Festival

A very awful incident took place after the Spanish Festival with the popular American singer and songwriter Miley Cyrus at Barcelona.

Recently after performing at the Spanish Festival at Barcelona Miley was physically groped by a stranger who also pulled her hair and attempted to kiss her. The video was recorded and it went viral on the internet very soon. It was an extremely awful video. The fans on social media are expressing their anger towards this act. The video shows how Miley is struggling to get away from the stranger and make her way to the car. She is also accompanied by her husband Liam who also helps her to get away from the mad crowd.

The poor little girl is seen struggling with the random stranger who is a disgusting human being in the video. As the video was trending on all the social media platforms and was waiting for Miley to comment. She did comment on this incident, writing on Twitter she said: “she can’t be groped without her consent”.

Many people were seen pouring hate to her post and saying you wanted this which is disturbing too. Celebrities getting groped these days is common now but this won’t be accepted and tolerated the celebs have always been vocal about it. The American singer shared some of the hateful messages she received after the encounter, and included a line from her new song “Mother’s Daughter,” which goes: “Don’t fuck with my freedom.” She also added the hashtag #StillNotAskingForIt.

On the bright side, the Wrecking ball singer is currently busy promoting her new EP, She Is Coming.

She has also starred in the fifth season of Black Mirror, an episode titled Rachel, Jack and Ashley Too. The series is available for streaming on Netflix, including a new episode featuring Miley Cyrus.