13 Reasons Why: Season 3 all details are now revealed!

Gaining a wide collection of fans all over the world, 13 Reasons Why has been a huge hit on Netflix with both its seasons. Seeing how the fans have been craving for more since then, the makers of the series decided to start a new season.
Season 3 of 13 Reasons Why might just be out for release very soon. Here are some things you need to know for your hopefully fruitful wait for the upcoming season.

When is it coming out?
Looking at the statistics of the release of the previous two seasons, we can predict the release date. Since the production was wrapped up in February 2019, fans expected it to be out in May or June. Nevertheless, seeing how we still have no news on the release of season 3, it is safe for us to assume that the release will have to wait for a bit longer. Although we do not have a backup, an unknown source reported that the release will take place somewhere in August or September. However, the news on the exact release date is still scarce.

Who can we see?
Hannah Baker might just not be a part of the cast anymore. Though this might seem a little unbelievable, it logically makes sense. Katherine Langford who played Baker for the two seasons shared an Instagram post saying how she loves Hannah Baker but is letting her go. This definitely looked like a goodbye to me. This season might see less of Hannah baker as a character and probably none in person. The remaining cast, however, has no reason to discontinue and might probably show up in season 3 too.


What plot can we expect?
Since season 2 ended in a kind of suspicious cliffhanger that does not seem like a cliffhanger, there are a lot of plot threads to start from for the third season.
Firstly, this season might have to start with the unsuccessful attempt of shooting up the school by Tyler. It might then focus on Justin’s heroin addiction and he’s going to do about it. And another interesting question would be why Nina destroyed the evidence of sexual assaults even though she was one of the victims.

Is the trailer out?
With the production already wrapped, the trailer will be out shortly. The release date will most likely accompany the official trailer.
All we have to do now is cross our fingers and wait!