What next for the season 3 of Dynasty. Will it be successful?

Dynasty is the remake of 1980 drama which aired with the same name. The series was originally announced in 2016 but aired on channel CW on October 2011. It was picked as series by Netflix a day later. It was picked as a 22 episode series by the channel in November 2017.

On April 2018, it was announced by CW that there is going to be a sequel for the show which eventually aired in October 2018. The third season was announced on 31st January 2019. It follows the complex and dramatic story of Carrington family and associates. The shows stars Elizabeth Gilles as Fallon Carrington, her father Blake Carrington and Cristal. It depicts how they determine their personal and professional relationships through the emotions of jealousy, love and infidelity. The personal relationships and emotions they hold carry their impact on professional realm as well.

The series has piked up the from from the 1981 drama titled the same but their are some changes incorporated within the plot and characters in order to make the drama appropriate to the current audience. These changes mainly include the homosexuality of the son being a non-issue to the family and the changing of a gold digger female character to a gay character. There is also the changing in settlement which was originally Denver but has now become Atlanta, Georgia.



Although there is not much to speculate and assume about the coming season as this is a pure drama where any turn can happen anytime, we can still try our hands at guessing. There is no specific date announced but the new season is going to premier during this fall and most probably taking the slot of 9:00 pm on Fridays. The cast is going to return which was seen in previous seasons. With every story line being twirled and twisted to the most we can only expect a lot of drama and complex Carrington family secrets.