Dance Moms Season 8 is all set to entertain its audience yet again at 2019

Dance Moms is basically a reality television series which debuted way back in 2011. The show focuses on early training and careers of kids under the guidance of Abby Lee Miller. Abby is the dance instructor at Abby Lee Dance Company (ALDC) studios where interacts with the dancers and their mothers.

This show is people’s favourite in the reality genre. Thus on public demand, its eight seasons started yesterday. This season has been the most talked about the season in recent times. Earlier there were speculations that this time Abby would not be a part of season 8 due to her health issues. But later makers managed to get Abby on board.

This is the first time Miller would appear on the television sets since her arrest as she was accused of bankruptcy fraud charges. She spends the past one year in prison. Also after she came out, she was diagnosed with cancer. Amidst all this Abby still manages to work on Dance Moms. All her fans supposed her throughout her difficult phase and are happy to see her back.

Really Abby is very dedicated towards her work. Apparently, she does not want to disappoint her fans. Hence she is working amidst all odds. This is really commendable. Hopefully, she lives upto expectations of her fans with the new season.

The dancers in the other 7 season are quite famous and doing well in their respective fields. They have gained a huge fan base but are still grateful to Abby and Dance Moms.

This season, Abby will be instructing a new bunch of dancers. This will definitely be an awesome experience for the audience. Therefore they should not miss an episode of season 8.

Stay tuned for further updates!!!!!